Calculator Tool


The calculator tool below is designed to give an approximate number for trees. When figuring out how many lights you need for a tree, it can be a daunting task trying to guesstimate how many you need. Often, more are needed than you think. By calculating the width at the top and bottom of the tree, we can calculate the average diameter, figure out the circumference, and multiply that by the height of the tree divided by the spacing you want. Use the form below to find the average amount of lights you will need for your tree!

The distance from one side of the tree to the other passing through the trunk.
Not at the very tip. Try to measure/eyeball the diameter a few ft from the top to get a better sense of what width the tree narrows to.
Approximately or use a drone to measure.
How far part do you want the spacing to be each time you go around the tree? Small trees are 1-2ft whereas large trees can be 5+ft.


And of course, the products commonly needed to light up a tree are listed below.