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Certifying Installers

We get asked all the time. “Im looking to get into Christmas Lights, where do I start?” and “I have been doing lights for a year now, I really want to grow this….what next?”

We ran an installation company for 7 years before we supplied lights. We know the ins and outs of properly installing. We’re an open book. When a new person asks us for advice, we tell them everything we know, and thats where the certification started.

When a new person wants to learn how to install our lights correctly, we invite them to the warehouse and show them the best practice for assembling the lights, cutting the strands, measuring for houses; and we go over safety techniques to make sure no one is falling off a roof, or electrocuting themselves while on a ladder.

It’s pretty hard to injure yourself while installing our lights, but its not completely foolproof. Stapling a wire while its plugged in? What if you miss? Not a good idea. Been there, done that. What about setting a ladder on slippery mossy exposed aggregate concrete? Probably not the best idea. We go over the do’s and dont’s on installing lights with our installers before they are certified. But once they are, watch out! The whole neighbourhood will be decked out before you know it!