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The Difference

What makes our lights different?

Everybody says “My lights are different!”

But what is the difference?

Its simple. We pay more for our lights than the other guys do. We use the highest quality of LED SMD’s you can find for a Christmas bulb. Pair that with better plastics and wire that are more malleable in freezing temperatures, and BOOM! you have the best commercial grade lights on the market. And of course, we are CSA approved.

We looked for years for the right lights, and we just couldn’t find them. We would run into manufacturing defects AFTER we received competing lights for the season and were in the thick of installs. Why weren’t they checked ahead of time? We were left to “deal with it”. We are on the ground checking the lights as they are made to make sure there are no defects. If something isn’t quite right, its immediately re-manufactured and corrected, before it hits the shipping depot.

The season is approaching fast. Our first big order arrives at the warehouse tomorrow.