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Certifying Installers

We get asked all the time. “Im looking to get into Christmas Lights, where do I start?” and “I have been doing lights for a year now, I really want to grow this….what next?”

We ran an installation company for 7 years before we supplied lights. We know the ins and outs of properly installing. We’re an open book. When a new person asks us for advice, we tell them everything we know, and thats where the certification started.

When a new person wants to learn how to install our lights correctly, we invite them to the warehouse and show them the best practice for assembling the lights, cutting the strands, measuring for houses; and we go over safety techniques to make sure no one is falling off a roof, or electrocuting themselves while on a ladder.

It’s pretty hard to injure yourself while installing our lights, but its not completely foolproof. Stapling a wire while its plugged in? What if you miss? Not a good idea. Been there, done that. What about setting a ladder on slippery mossy exposed aggregate concrete? Probably not the best idea. We go over the do’s and dont’s on installing lights with our installers before they are certified. But once they are, watch out! The whole neighbourhood will be decked out before you know it!

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The Difference

What makes our lights different?

Everybody says “My lights are different!”

But what is the difference?

Its simple. We pay more for our lights than the other guys do. We use the highest quality of LED SMD’s you can find for a Christmas bulb. Pair that with better plastics and wire that are more malleable in freezing temperatures, and BOOM! you have the best commercial grade lights on the market. And of course, we are CSA approved.

We looked for years for the right lights, and we just couldn’t find them. We would run into manufacturing defects AFTER we received competing lights for the season and were in the thick of installs. Why weren’t they checked ahead of time? We were left to “deal with it”. We are on the ground checking the lights as they are made to make sure there are no defects. If something isn’t quite right, its immediately re-manufactured and corrected, before it hits the shipping depot.

The season is approaching fast. Our first big order arrives at the warehouse tomorrow.

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Our Story

When we started our company 7 years ago, we were brand new to installing lights.    We had just gone out on our own, and work was slow.  Someone called me and asked if I could install their Christmas Lights, and I said “Yes, I’ll be right over”.   I went over to their house and guesstimated the cost of the installation, as I had no idea what it would take to get it done.   We got the job done quickly, and we got paid.  I thought to myself, “Hmmm, we could do more of these!”  I put out a few free ads, and installed about a dozen houses over the next two weeks, by myself, with a little minivan and a roof rack.  It was already December, and Christmas was around the corner.

  The next season, I started advertising in September with free online ads and postings.  I bought store bought lights that were led and promised to deliver.   I made no money.  By the time I went back and replaced the strands 1-2-3 times per house, because of failing bulbs and wires, it was completely not worth it.  On top of that, customers were left frustrated with their burnt out lights and the entire hassle.  The name brand we installed then got recalled, and we thought it was a one off.

  The next year we installed the same brand of lights which again promised to be better than every before.  They were cheap.  They were affordable. They could last the artic winters of Canada.  Before we knew it we were installing over 80 houses with these lights.  They all failed.   We got in-store credit for the $12,000 of lights we had bought, and we had unhappy customers.   We then thought there had to be a better way.

  We finally found commercial grade lights.  We were thrilled.  They were amazing.  They could be custom cut to fit the house perfectly.  We could do any colour combination and the customer could have a custom set for the house as long as they owned the house, and even then with little modification it could go on to their next house.  We installed over a 100 houses.  However, at the same time, we found that though “commercial grade”, not all commercial grade lights were made the same.   Some were made with cheaper plastics, thinner wires, and cheaper LED diodes.  So we decided to perfect them.

  And we did.  We now have our own manufactured commercial grade, CSA approved, CUL approved, LED lights.  The led’s are the ultimate quality you can buy.  Not only do they shine brighter, but they outperform the competition in every way.    We use premium materials, metals and plastics, to mould these lights into the best they can be.  We COULD make them cheaper, but we don’t.  If you are a home-owner, we want you to enjoy your lights as long as possible.  If you are a professional installer, we want you to have the least possible hassle with the lights that you put your name behind.   We went through it.  We know it.   We own it.  These lights are amazing, and we would love the opportunity to prove it you.   

  That is our story.  The mission?  We want to provide the highest quality lights we can offer, at the most reasonable price possible, so you can build a HUGE business with installations, and have many, many happy customers, who enjoy their lights with their families for years to come.