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🌟 Introducing Star Tech Eco ST: The Ultimate Ice Solution from South Korea

At Image Salt and Plow, we’re excited to present our latest innovation in ice management – Star Tech Eco ST. This cutting-edge technology, developed in South Korea, harnesses the power of invasive starfish to create an environmentally sustainable de-icing product with unmatched performance. We’re thrilled to bring this revolutionary solution to Canada.

Key Features:

  1. ❄️ Extreme Cold Resistance: Melt ice down to an impressive -30°C, ensuring effective performance even in the harshest winter conditions.
  2. 🚫 Zero Residue: Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning up dust and residue. Star Tech Eco ST leaves surfaces pristine and residue-free.
  3. 🛑 Corrosion-Free: Unlike traditional salting products, our solution doesn’t cause corrosion, rust, or potholes. It’s a game-changer for preserving infrastructure.

Competitive Pricing for Your Success: We understand the importance of competitive pricing, and we’re pleased to offer Star Tech Eco ST at attractive rates.

Product Range:

  • 55lb bags
  • 22lb bags
  • 1 tonne bags

Proven Municipal Success: Star Tech Eco ST is trusted by municipalities in South Korea, Alberta, and now going into British Columbia, where it has significantly reduced infrastructure maintenance costs. Municipal clients swear by its effectiveness in preserving infrastructure bombarded by other salting products.

Explore Further:

  • 📄 Brochures: Explore detailed information about Star Tech Eco ST in the attached brochures.
  • 📹 Video: Starstech Information Video

Connect with Us: Feel free to reach out at any time for more information, product samples, or a friendly chat about Star Tech Eco ST. We’re here to make winter maintenance smarter, cleaner, and more efficient.